Ski School 2 (1995)

Ski School 2The slopes are sizzling again!

Well despite my blog post where I wept for the future, and was worried that I was all “B-Movied Out”, my fears are now silenced as I quite happily sat through Ski School 2, and will likely do so again in the future. It wasn’t a masterpiece, but it was dumb fun and that kinda thing + a pizza gets two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me. It was easy to watch even though I was tired, which led me to the conclusion that as bad movies go, this one was a good one.

Our lovable hero from the first film, Dave Marshak (Dean Cameron) gets a letter in the mail from his ex girlfriend Beth inviting him to her upcoming nuptials. (Am I the only one who thinks thats insane?) Dave remembers how awesome Beth was, and decides that despite her wedding being only days away, that now is the time to rekindle their relationship. Dave was once the head ski instructor at the mountain, before he was sacked by Beth’s father. At this point it becomes obvious exactly what Beth will have to say about Dave – that’s he’s an immature party guy and she wants someone more serious with some stability. And I was exactly right. Once Dave manages to get his butt over to the ski lodge that Beth’s father left to her, she pretty much says exactly that. However, Dave isn’t about to give up easily or change his partying ways, so he sets up camp at his narcoleptic sex god friend Alex’s place and begins to hatch a plan to win Beth back.

As can be expected, Beth’s new fiancee Steve Longwood is a complete douche bag. He subtlely controls Beth, pretending to help her and makes everyone elses lives on the mountain a misery – especially Dave’s old friends Alex, batshit-insane Todderbert and the rotund Tomcat (played by Will Sasso, you know the guy who does the best fucking Kenny Rogers impersonation on the planet?). Of course, like any clueless woman in comedy such as this, Beth sees none of Steve’s mean streak, and believes she is marrying the right man. Or does she? Dave’s reappearance seems to have made Beth more than a little confused. Steve picks up on this immediately and wastes no time in letting Dave know that he is not a fan. Together with his snotnosed (latently homosexual?) offsider, he hatches harebrained schemes to get Dave off the mountain – but little does he know that he is messing with the scheme-master himself.

It isn’t long before Dave and the crew are back to their old tricks, crashing and spicing up dull parties, prank phone calls and even getting a party going at the local lesbian bar. Dave spends his time reminding Beth how much fun they used to have, and she starts to enjoy herself again too, much to Steve’s angerment.

I’m not exactly sure where to fit her in, so I might as well just go ahead and mention Lola Schnitzelbach. Lola has joined the Ski competition on the mountain (another subplot), and will race Beth on her wedding day. She’s a nude painter – and before you go and think that she paints nude models…you’re wrong! Lola paints any old thing, but in the nude!! Oh I bet you didn’t see that coming ho ho! (MY SIDES!). Anyhow, Lola the nude painter/downhill skier is also a bit of a tart – but like every woman on the mountain, she would give her firstborn for a crack at Alex. Once Dave tees that up, Lola agrees to strip for Steve’s bucks party, jumping out of a big cake. The cake is really big – big enough to hide Alex and Tomcat inside, who have been entrusted with the job of getting some incriminating photos of Steve with Lola.

Meanwhile, Dave has canceled Beth’s stripper, dons a pair of chaps and heads off in his place. Beth has a great time, and the two end up in a deep and meaningful game of Battleship. All is going well over at the bucks party until Tomcat gets a little over excited trying to peep at Lola and breaks the cake they are hiding in, exposing himself and Alex. The party quickly turns into a mess of paint, handcuffs and feathers and when Steve wanders home to Beth, drunk, disheveled and a complete mess, she knows that Dave had something to do with it and kicks him out. With the wedding only a day away, things do not look good for Dave.

Electrion Notice? The next morning, Todderbert finds an eviction notice on his front door, signed by “Steve Longwood, Manager”. He takes it to Dave who finds it suspicious. But when Tomcat returns from buying his groceries with the news that he overheard Steve mention to his gay friend that he made a sneaky deal with Beth’s Dad to take ownership of the mountain once he marries Beth, Dave realises that the time has come to pull out all the stops. He has to stop the wedding at any cost. Of course hilarity and the obligatory happy ending ensue.

It’s odd though, because it both was and wasn’t different from Ski School. Dave Marshak seems to easily blend in with a group of similar friends as in the first movie, and they are so similar that if you haven’t seen the first film in a long time you might even wonder if they are the same characters. There’s no mention of any of the events of the first film – just the notion that Dave was once the king of the mountain featured in this sequel. Patrick Labyorteaux and Stuart Fratkin are missed though, not to say that Bil Dwyer, Will Sasso and Doug Copithorne did a bad job though. Overall it was quite enjoyable and I would watch it again.

Oh yeah, and Alex actually was totally hot.



1. SKI BUM – John Kekar & Joyce Guyett
2. NO MANS LAND – John Kekar & Steve Parrish
3. CAN’T SLOW DOWN – Tom Kimmel
4. TOUGH LOVE – Spank The Blond
5. TAKE A CHANCE ON LOVE – Randy Rice and Ken Goerres
6. IBANEZ BOOGIE – Jane Sowerby (as Jayne Sowerby)
7. TAKE A PICTURE – Randy Rice, featuring Martin Morrisey and Tasha Kapur
8. FOWL STRUTTIN’ – Larry Treadwell
9. COME MIDIGHT – Dino Archon
10. ICE BETWEEN US – Pete Snell
11. SHAKEY BREAKDOWN – Randy Rice, featuring Bryon Berline
12. ODE TO ALEX – Jane Sowerby (as Jayne Sowerby)
13. SKI SCHOOL 2 THEME TUNE – Mark Sanders

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