Can It Be Love (1992)

Can It Be Love“Just two guys searching for the perfect pair”

When I checked the film credits of the lead actor in Can It Be Love, I was surprised to find he’d actually acted recently. One such example is a short film called Punching Hitler. The synopsis is as follows: Three drinking buddies discover a time machine and decide to go back in time and punch Adolf Hitler every day of his life. I can’t say that Can It Be Love deserves a great deal of critical praise, however, it is responsible for me discovering what sounds like the greatest short film of all time. So for that, Can It Be Love is awesome.

This is your usual nerds who are actually only nerdy for the fact one of them wears glasses on vacation in Fort Lauderdale movie. Anything that embraces geeks, and has them reign supreme with an army of big-boobed bikini chicks at their feet – covered in sweat, water from a wet t-shirt contest or in this case, jell-o – while some fist-pumping album-oriented rock plays over the top, is a winner. Especially when mixed in with the defeat of a haplessly scary, Terminator-style biker bully with a mohawk, and some other senseless-but-hilarious shit.

Tim and David are best buds who’ve thrown down $500 deposit for a room reservation at one of Fort Lauderdale’s not so palatial motels, so they can party hard during the best week the city has to offer. Their vacation begins badly, though, when they run a scary biker off the road, and are delayed by a broken down vehicle. They stop to lend a hand when they observe the driver is a pretty, blonde haired country gal and she hitches a ride into the city with them, where they postpone checking into their motel so they can hit a club with their new pal Lisa, who Tim is already madly in love with. As luck would have it, Lisa’s best friend Jesse likes to dance in bathtubs of jell-o, and is also the girl of David’s dreams.

By the time Tim and David get to their motel, there’s a mix-up with their room, they lose their deposit and accidentally smash their convertible into a motorbike – unfortunately, the same motorbike they’d run off the road earlier. They’re chased by a tattooed, growling, cartoon-like villain, who totals their car and pursues them to the beach where they’d promised to meet the girls. Instead, they run into a sexy private investigator, who saves them from death-by-muscleman in exchange for helping her locate a certain sought-after spring break sorority girl. The problem, or godsend, is that she can only be identified by her unique rose-shaped birth mark. And – you guessed it – the only way our would-be undercover heroes are going to get their hands on the right gal is by quite literally going undercover. If ever there was reason to get hot babes naked.. I mean, they could just ask these chicks straight out whether they have rose-shaped birthmarks, right? But what would be the fun in that?

The rest of the movie is spent chasing the ladies in all sorts of ways, trying to solve the mystery, the reward for which is a bright red shiny new sports car and, chances are, an array of sexually transmitted infections. If all else fails, they can always have a party on the beach with the big-haired rockers Dillinger who sing the title tune, do an Adventures in Babysitting, and come up with a great improv song about having the Lauder-Lauder-Lauderdale blues.

This was a FUN movie. I loved the two hard done by pals Tim and David, and how their characters repeatedly broke the fourth wall. There’s even a scene where, after spying on some cheerleaders via a camera rigged up in the showers, Richard Beaumont (David) says “god, I hope this movie never ends! Hey, Bob! Bob – he’s the director. Bob, you guys aren’t paying me squat for this movie, can’t we just rehearse this once more?” to which the director replies: “damn it, call the Union, let’s get a real actor in here”. Can It Be Love, AKA Spring Break Sorority Babes is far less sleazy than Hardbodies, not that it’s difficult to be more clean-handed than a group of slimy, bearded, sexually-obsessed forty somethings trying to hunt out barely legal vajayjay. At least Tim and David are the kind of guys you wanna root for; the inexperienced dweebs who get a lucky break and have the time of their lives. I’m not going to say Can It Be Love should have been this big beach movie classic by any means, but what I will say is that it’s one of the least seen and is a lot better that some of the other college guys on vacation trash, like Hot Resort and Hot Chili. Plus, the soundtrack is ass-kicking, but sadly, harder to locate than a rose-shaped birth mark among a sea of flesh.



1. Can It Be Love – Dillinger
2. Nothing (Without You) – Dillinger
3. Captain Of My Life – Dillinger
4. The Bad One – Dillinger
5. What’s On Your Mind – Mark Freeman
6. Porsche – Mark Freeman
7. Sexy Little Number – Seth Marsh, John Eddie
8. After You – Seth Marsh, Mark Freeman
9. Love Keeps Hiding – Seth Marsh, John Eddie
10. King For A Day – Seth Marsh, John Eddie
11. Get Excited – Van McLain
12. We Can’t Wait Forever – Van McLain

  • phukme

    i wish the 3  actresses that played busty bikini bimbos diane and lisa and jessie acted again.

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